HIV/AIDS Management (AIES)

Entry Requirements
Tuition Fee
Examination Fee
This HIV and AIDS Management program will provide health education and training for Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome HIV/AIDS. Health workers can learn about the cultural and community standards as well as the science involved in the spread, prevention, and treatment of the two diseases. Using this knowledge, health workers will be able to create educational materials that are both scientifically accurate and culturally acceptable.


  • The symptoms and risk factors associated with HIV/AIDS.
  • How these diseases are spread and the primary preventive measures to avoid becoming infected.
  • The importance of maintaining and strengthening immunity among people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • How to deliver informed and effective health-promoting presentations.

HIV and AIDS Management Program

The diploma and advanced diploma program is designed for those students seeking a two-year rather than four-year degree. The program stands alone but may also be the foundation for further study at the bachelor’s level. The program at AIES is meant to be taken in four semesters and consists of 60 credit hours.
  • People of every sex both Males and Females
  • People of every region/Countries around the global
  • MSCE is a must for all programs but JCE is applicable to only those enrolled for Skilled Only exception for TEVET examination.
  • People from every cultural background and Religious background.

Program duration: Two semesters. Each semester is 5 months long with approximately 40 hours per week.

Assessment methods: In order to complete the program successfully, students will be required to pass all subjects and achieve an overall passing grade.

Certification: To be awarded the certificate you must satisfactorily complete all written contributions. Successful students will receive a Certificate, awarded by the Board of Studies of AIES. A transcript detailing the course will be issued to successful students.

The Tuition Fee for all levels.

  • Level 4                     MK80,000:00
  • Level 5                     MK100,000.00
  • Level 6                     MK160, 000.00

Note: The fee is subject to change.

The total Examination fee for all levels.

  • Level 4                     MK220,000:00
  • Level 5                     MK220,000.00
  • Level 6                    460,000:00(TWO SEMESTERS)

Note: The fee is subject to change.