Zomba Vocation Training Center is a member of the Council for Non-Governmental Organisation in Malawi (CONGOMA). The Registrar General registered the organization on 9th February 2009 under the Trustees Incorporation Act of 1962.

The Council for NGOs in Malawi (CONGOMA) is a membership umbrella organization for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). CONGOMA is a designated NGO coordinating body in Malawi as stipulated in Section 24 and 25 of the Non-governmental Organizations Act 2000.

Membership to CONGOMA is open to National and International NGOs and stands at 550 in total as of September 30, 2013. The control, accountability, and responsibility for ongoing operations of CONGOMA are exercised on behalf of CONGOMA Members by Trustees, a Governing Council, a Finance and Administration Committee and a Standards Committee chosen by Membership, elected by them and accountable to them.

Trustees, Governors, and Committee Members work on a voluntary basis. Implementation of CONGOMA policies and operations is undertaken by a Secretariat composed of professional paid staff.

The Non-Governmental Organizations which comprise the Membership of CONGOMA are separate autonomous organizations. All have the development of, or in, Malawi as their wider objective, but the nature and size of the individual organizations, the sectors and geographical locations they work in, and the methods they use vary widely.

This autonomy and wide diversity is strength and through it, the NGO Community has the potential to contribute significantly to development in Malawi. It is to maximize strengths and to minimize weaknesses that CONGOMA exists to do but also to be a platform for sharing experiences to influence good governance and development agenda in Malawi.